You Could Earn Back Zilch Rewards on These Laptops and Tablets in the UK

Blog | 28th Sep 2021 | 7min read

In a world that is becoming more and more digitised, laptops and tablets are the bread and butter, not just of our workplaces. With the emergence of social media websites and countless streaming services, they are also essential for relaxing and unwinding. 

The impact of laptops on our everyday lives is unprecedented, and with airplay and other mirroring capabilities, people are using their laptops as TVs increasingly regularly. 

But it’s no secret; laptops cost a pretty penny, and with so many available options on the market, it’s all the more important to get the right laptop. Of course, more and more laptops double as tablets, too, so we’ll be taking a look at these, too. 

Did you know that with Zilch, you can choose the way you pay?

You have the option to pay in full and get 2% cashback in Zilch Rewards. These Zilch Rewards can be sued to discount future purchases, potentially allowing you to save as you spend.

Zilch also enables you to pay in 4 over 6 weeks at thousands of stores with 0 interest* at thousands of stores, including the ones below.

To pay over time everywhere else, you could use Zilch Anywhere, which allows you to pay only 25% of the total price together with a one-off transaction fee upfront, then pay the rest in 3 more instalments over 6 weeks*.

So, check out these awesome laptops and tablets in the UK.

RCA Apollo 11 Pro


Want a laptop and a tablet? In that case, you’ve GOT to check out this awesome device. 

With a 6 hr battery life, you’ve got ages to stream your favourite shows on the built-in tablet mode. 

With 32 GBs, you’ve got plenty of storage. But, if you’re a data hoarder like us, you can easily add more with a microSD card. 

Coming with dual cameras, this device comes with the power of a laptop, coupled with the mobility and capability of a tablet. 

Need to get some work under your belt? No probs, just add the detachable keyboard and start typing away. 

Huawei MatePad T10

Laptops and Tablets in the UK blog landing desktop - Zilch


This tablet is a great buy.

Developed with Huawei’s one of a kind operating system, you’ll be well-equipped to perform any of your daily activities. 

With built-in dual speakers, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this booming tablet. 


Kindle Paperwhite 6” E-reader

Although we’re sad to say it, books and technology find it difficult to co-exist. With so many bingeworthy shows on Netflix, you must have an ironclad will to sit down, unplug and read a book.

The Kindle is fascinating; it reconciles the convenience of technology with the originality of old-fashioned books.

Whilst most tablets offer some sort of e-reading features or apps, the Kindle’s strength lies in the fact that it only offers you books. This means you won’t be disturbed or tempted by distractions or notifications. You also have access to the millions of different books offered on Amazon.

So, this really simulates reading a book in an old-fashioned way.


HP Stream

Well, it certainly looks like HP makes some mean machines. With one of the best value laptops on the market, the HP Stream will make you feel limitless in your capabilities, without limiting your budget.

Offering Windows 10s, you get to enjoy the very latest of Microsoft’s operating systems, offering lightning-fast downloads and streaming.

Is there anything more frustrating than having to recharge your device all the time? We don’t think so, and that’s why we think the biggest plus is the Stream’s 13-hour battery life, meaning you can use this device from sunrise to sunset.

With this behemoth of battery life, it also doubles as your own power outlet, offering a fast-charging USB outlet for all your devices.

As if it couldn’t get any better, you also get a free 1-year subscription to Microsoft 365, meaning you get access to super helpful programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Lenovo Tab M10 Tablet

This super-affordable tablet is lightweight, and compact, making it very easy to transport.

With its full HD screen, you get breath-taking visual quality, meaning you get to see your favourite shows, movies and video games jump to life on your screen.

We’re starting to learn more and more about the effect that blue light has on your overall wellbeing, and especially on the quality of your sleep. Lenovo has clearly had this in mind, offering a built-in protection system, minimizing the amount of blue light you are exposed to.

With its very own kid’s mode, you can add in parental controls, making it an ideal purchase for all of the family.


The rivalry between Samsung and Apple is significant enough to cause some sweaty brows in California, and for good reason.

Samsung is always competitive with Apple in regard to the quality of their devices, but when it comes to price, there is hardly a competition at all. Nowhere is this more evident than with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Weighing a mere 400 grams, and with built-in 4g, you’ll want to take this tablet everywhere.

With Dolby Atmos sound, you know, the stuff they use in movie theatres, you get a fully immersive surround sound experience.

At roughly half the price of an iPad, we hope this makes your decision twice as easy.

Amazon Fire HD 10

We’ve already mentioned the Kindle, but if you want a tablet as capable as it is affordable, look no further.

With a full HD display, you can effortlessly stream movies or TV shows. Despite its small size, this tablet packs a punch, meaning you’ll almost never see your streaming buffering.

With Alexa built-in, you can get here to play your favourite playlists, give you the weather forecast, or even call people via Zoom.

You can easily download thousands of apps through the Amazon App store.

Coming in black, blue, green and purple, this is a fire purchase, as the kids would say.

ACER ACTAB821 8” Tablet

Although it may sound like an ancient fax machine, this tablet is the most affordable item on this list, costing a mere £89.99 from Curry’s.

Boasting an 8-hour battery life, you’ll want to use all of it, as you stream your favourite shows on the stunning HD display.

The classic google apps are already downloaded, meaning you can instantly start injecting your day with productivity.

With so many great, affordable options available on the market, the power of choice is truly in your hands. That’s what we want to do for you at Zilch.

Unlike traditional cards and banks that make money when their customers are late on payments, we earn our revenue from the merchants where you shop, not from our customers. So, we’re truly on your side. 

You can use Zilch anywhere Mastercard is accepted, so you can be the master of your own destiny. 

*Spend responsibly, spending more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status. Credit subject to status, 18+, UK residents only. Representative APR 18.1% (fixed). Rep Example: based on total spend: £240 (+ £2.50 transaction fee). Total repayable: £242.50 paid over 6 weeks, 1st payment £62.50, then 3 payments of £60.00 every 2 weeks. T&Cs apply.