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Blog | 3rd Nov 2021 | 4min read

Although Amazon is the most famous company in the world for being the largest, it actually started off as a book company in the 90s.

So, although you can pretty much get anything from Amazon, a department in which they always excelled is their books. With this in mind, check out these books and shows from Amazon. 

Peril- Bob Woodward and Robert Costa 

This bestselling masterpiece sets out in vivid detail the tumultuous transmission of power from President Donald Trump to President Joseph Biden in 2020.

These two authors interviewed hundreds of people to compile the data for this book, so it is well documented and is full of evidence.

Since Bob Woodward has formerly written New York Times bestsellers, you can know for sure that this will be a compelling read. 

All The Light We Cannot See- Anthony Doerr

This heartwarming but intense historical novel is packed with adventure and is guaranteed to make the history buffs amongst you giggle with glee.

Although we’re yet to get onto movies, the TV enthusiasts among you will be excited to know that there is a Netflix adaption being released imminently.

So, allow this wonderful book to transport you from your living room into war-torn France in the 1940s. 

The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music- David Grohl

As an idol to millions of fans, it’s no surprise that David Grohl’s COVID- inspired autobiography immediately began to fly off of the shelves.

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But whether you’re a David Grohl fan or not, as someone who has played in Nirvana, Scream and the Foo Fighters, David Grohl has some entertaining stories to share.

He’s also well-known as being one of the nicest celebrities out there, so why not show him that the love is appreciated by getting yourself a copy? 

How The Word is Passed: A Reckoning With the History of Slavery Across America- Clint Smith 

To say this book tackles difficult issues about race would be an understatement; but what an informative, thought-provoking and shocking book this turned out to be.

“How the Word is Passed” takes a deep dive into the legacy left for African Americans in light of slavery. This book highlights important injustices that go underreported in history and even today.

So, be sure to grab yourself a copy of this important and educational book. 

Field of Dreams

This movie is so iconic that the MLB has paid homage to it by hosting a professional game in a cornfield.

“Field of Dreams” is to baseball fans what “Rudy” is to football fans; it’s an absolute classic.

So, it was not a hard choice for us to pick it as one of our top 4 favourite movies from Amazon.


Sam Mendes’ wartime masterpiece gained international acclaim for the way it was shot; the whole movie is done in one take.

The Shining

As the horror masterpiece of one of the greatest ever directors, Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is a brilliant mix of beautiful and terrifying.

With Jack Nicholson’s acting talents on display at the height of his powers, this film has some of the most iconic moments in movie history, in particular, the “Here’s Johnny!” moment. 

Dr No

They say the original is always best, right? Well, at least that’s what they say about which James Bond is the best; Sean Connery.

By that logic, surely the same can be said about the James Bond movies? “Dr No” became the first-ever live screen movie adaption of James Bond on the 6th of May, 1963, and it started a huge fanbase.

As the most recent instalment in the James Bond franchise, “No Time to Die” is soon being released in cinemas, it may be a good idea to go back to the start of it all. 

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