Save as You Spend on Tech Gadgets: Get Cashback with Zilch

Blog | 2nd Nov 2021 | 6min read

Whether we’re listening to our favourite music and podcasts in high-quality audio, controlling home appliances with a smart speaker, or unwinding in front of a smart TV, innovative tech is deeply connected to our daily routines.

And tech gadgets have never been more capable or more available. If you decide to upgrade your tech, there are plenty of options to choose from as you search for the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Now, with Zilch, you can earn cashback when you find the right tech for you. 

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With Zilch, you can get 2% cashback in Zilch Rewards when you pay in full online or in-store.

Zilch is a virtual Mastercard that offers a cashback Zilch Rewards system, along with the option to Pay in 4 over 6 weeks anywhere Mastercard is accepted for a transaction fee with Zilch Anywhere, or with 0 interest at thousands of participating stores.

Zilch gives you 2% cashback in Zilch Rewards every time you pay in full. So, if you’re going to spend on tech that inspires your creativity, improves your home, or just helps you relax, why not earn cashback in the process?

What Are Zilch Rewards and How Do They Work?

When you make a full purchase with a Zilch card, you can accumulate Zilch Rewards to apply to future purchases. Zilch users receive 100 Zilch Rewards for every £1 they spend when they choose the Pay in 1 option at checkout.

As a Zilch user, you can also select the Pay in 4 option, which allows you to pay for your purchase in four equal payments over the course of six weeks. But when you choose Zilch’s Pay in 1 option, you immediately earn 2% cashback in Zilch Rewards.

It’s easy to apply Zilch Rewards to future purchases. When rewards are enabled on the Zilch app, they’ll automatically be applied to reduce the cost of any purchases you make, whether you’re using the app to shop at an online store or shopping in-store using the Zilch virtual card to Tap and Pay.

Maximise the Value of Your Tech. Earn Cashback. 

Using a Zilch card helps you earn cashback as you spend on tech gadgets.

This is a great way to save as you spend, and if you really want to get the most value out of your tech, it’s important to shop around and understand which choices meet both your needs and budget.

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for three of the most popular tech gadgets:

1.)   TVs

The quality of HD TVs has increased exponentially in recent years.

With innovations in TV technology come a wide variety of options: There are LEDs, QLEDs, OLEDs, 4K TVs, and of course, there are smart TVs that connect directly to streaming apps.

These choices might seem overwhelming, but remember that having more choices means there are more ways to find value that meets your specific preferences.

For example, you might prefer OLEDs because they have a better contrast ratio than do QLEDs, resulting in a higher quality picture on smaller screens.

Or you might prefer QLED screens because they can be larger. Each TV option has unique pros and cons and it’s important to compare them as you consider the best fit for you.

It’s equally important to consider which options make sense for your budget if you decide to purchase a TV, whether it’s a buy now, pay later TV purchase or a Pay in 1 purchase.  

2.)   Smart Speakers

Smart speakers come equipped with voice-command capabilities and an integrated virtual assistant.

This gives you hands-free control of things like playing your favourite music, checking the news and weather, or even controlling appliances in your home. Many of these speakers with standard functions cost under £50.

Audiophiles may prefer speakers with better sound quality, while others might look for speakers that offer additional connectivity to home appliances and other devices.

3.)   Wireless Earbuds

Most of us use earbuds throughout the day, whether it’s listening to a podcast on our phone or participating in a virtual meeting from our laptop.

Wireless earbuds give you the flexibility to access all the audio you need without being directly tied to a device. This option is also great for those who use earbuds while exercising.

Some considerations to keep in mind if you decide to purchase wireless earbuds are their weight and fit for use when exercising, noise-cancelling options, and battery life.

Whether you’re planning on making a buy now, pay later TV purchase or just need to quickly replace your earbuds, it makes sense to want the best value.

Once you understand the variety of tech options available for your needs and budget, you can save as you spend by earning cashback with the Pay in 1 option, or spend with responsible flexibility with the Pay in 4 option.

Why Buy New Tech With a Zilch Card?

Simply put, Zilch is an easy way to earn cashback when making your planned tech purchases in one payment. If you decide to upgrade your tech, why not earn cashback with your purchase?

With Zilch, you can either maximise flexibility by choosing the Pay in 4 BNPL option, or you can maximise cashback by choosing the Pay in 1 option.

When you Pay in 1, you’ll earn 2% cashback in Zilch Rewards on a tech purchase you were already planning to make.

Zilch partners with thousands of top retailers to offer 0 interest at eligible stores for both online and in-store purchases.

These retailers pay Zilch a fee, so you don’t have to. If you decide to shop at a store that isn’t a Zilch partner, you’re still eligible for the Pay in 4 or Pay in 1 options.

With Zilch Anywhere, you can pay 25% of the total price together with a one-off transaction fee upfront, then pay the rest in 3 instalments over 6 weeks*.

You can Pay in 1 with no fees anywhere, even at non-participating stores.

With Zilch, you can save as you spend, earning cashback to get the most out of your tech purchases.

*Spend responsibly, spending more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status. Credit subject to status, 18+, UK residents only. Representative APR 18.1% (fixed). Rep Example: based on total spend: £240 (+ £2.50 transaction fee). Total repayable: £242.50 paid over 6 weeks, 1st payment £62.50, then 3 payments of £60.00 every 2 weeks. T&Cs apply.