Sandbox VR: Futuristic Gaming Experience

What’s Hot | 13th Jun 2022 | 4min read

If you thought that entering a different dimension – The Matrix and Avatar style, was a thing of the future, we’ve got news for you.

The future is here with Sandbox VR. Get ready to immerse yourself as a character in an action-packed video game. No consoles required.

Be transported to an otherworldly realm where you can physically interact with everyone inside, just like the real world.

Inspired by Star Trek’s Holodeck, Sandbox VR’s exclusive worlds will let you feel like you’re living inside a game or a movie.

Be transformed as your real body becomes your virtual body, made possible by Hollywood motion capture cameras, 3D precision body trackers, custom hardware and haptic suits.

Plus, each Sandbox VR original world is meant to be experienced together with others. Whether it’s travelling through space and time or running away from zombies, sharing the experience will make it more exciting!

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Enter a different dimension and take part in action-packed adventures at Sandbox VR.

Here are the different virtual worlds you can explore:

Deadwood Alley

Face off against scary zombies in an epic battle across multiple locations.

It’s reminiscent of Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch because your interactions with characters you’ll come across with can change how the story unfolds.

There are five possible endings. Choose wisely!

Amber Sky 2088

Make your way towards the futuristic city of New Hong Kong and soar through the clouds through the Earth’s last standing space lift.

Be part of humanity’s last line of defence from the Rawcor Earth invasion.

Curse of Davy Jones

Time to bring out your inner Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swann in this kid-friendly adventure for all ages.

Your guild of treasure hunters has finally tracked down the lost treasure of Davy Jones. Will you fine the treasure in time?

Will the Curse of Davy Jones strike again and claim your souls? There’s only one way to find out!

Deadwood Mansion

If you loved The Haunting of Hill House, why not take it to the next level with Deadwood Mansion?

Instead of dealing with ghosts, you and your friends will be coming across a horde of zombies. Do you have what it takes to survive?

You can choose your ammo – from dual pistols to a machine gun, or maybe a combat rifle? It’s up to you!

Star Trek: Discovery

In partnership with CBS Interactive, Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission will fully immerse you in the Star Trek world like never before.

You’ll get to hop aboard the U.S.S. Discovery as a Starfleet officer, engage in exhilarating shootouts using your Starfleet Phaser, explore alien worlds and fund a lost Starfleet ship.

The highlight? You’ll get to stand on a transporter pad with your own two feet and get beamed to your Away Mission. Beyond awesome!

UFL: Unbound Fighting League

If as a spectator, you thought that UFC was the ultimate fighting experience, you better try UFL: Unbound Fighting League, where you’ll get to be the figher!

A player versus player (PVP) fighting experience, UFL combines physical sports and esports, opening up a world where you can fight without limited by the confines of reality.

You’ll get to duel your opponents in breathtaking arenas with full body motion capture. Your virtual body is your real body.

Best of all, you can control how you look, where you fight, how you fight and the weapons that you’ll wield.

Go beyond the bounds of traditional games in this limited release.

Sandbox VR will be opening soon at The Post Building Museum Street, WC1A 1PB. You can sign up to get early access here!

Tickets will be released very soon as well so keep you eyes peeled. When they become available, why not Zilch it?

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Hope to see you there!

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