Female Millennial and Gen Z Change-makers to Watch Out For

What’s Hot | 8th Mar 2022 | 5min read

Happy International Women’s Day!

At Zilch, we believe that every woman is phenomenal, and deserves to be celebrated every single day.

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on trailblazing young women who have made an impact by raising awareness about important issues, championing inspiring causes and ultimately empowering their generation.

Get to know these millennial and Gen Z women more and find out how they’re making a difference in their respective fields.

Sarah Akwisombe

Sarah Akwisombe is a founder, influencer, mom and wife with a varied background in music, interior design and tech startups.

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Sarah Akwisombe, Creator of Boss Magic, Founder and Author

She launched the No Bull Business School in 2015, where she shared her learnings to inspire women to earn more and build businesses of the future.

Sarah discusses the same topics in her No Bull Business Women Podcast. She’s also the author of the Sunday Times bestseller, Money is Coming and the creator of spiritual streetwear brand, Boss Magic.

Sophie Tea

Sophie Tea is a groundbreaking artist who sells her paintings directly through Instagram, where she has over 200,000 followers.

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Sophie Tea, Artist

After graduating with a first-class degree in Business, she developed a “Tinder for Art” app and started painting to fund this business venture, but it turned out that painting was more lucrative for her, giving rise to Sophie Tea Art.

Her vibrant and colourful works celebrate the female form and champion body diversity — and yes, they sell within seconds, with stellar reviews from The Sunday Times.

Katie Piper

TV presenter and model, Katie Piper suffered severe burns in an acid attack in 2008 and documented her experience in the 2009 docu feature, Katie: My Beautiful Face

In the same year, she founded the Katie Piper Foundation, which seeks to raise awareness and extend support to survivors of burns and people with scars from traumatic incidents.

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Katie Piper, TV Presenter, Model, Actress and Founder of Katie Piper Foundation

She subsequently won the “Women to Watch: Inspiration” award at the Red’s Hot Women Awards 2010 and the “You Can” award at the Sainsbury’s Women of the Year Awards 2011.

In February 2022, Katie was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to charity and victims of burns and other disfigurement injuries through the Katie Piper Foundation.

Malala Yousafzai 

Malala Yousafzai was only 11 years old when the Taliban took over her village in Pakistan and banned girls from going to school. After publicly speaking out against this, Malala was targeted on her way home from school one day and shot on the side of her head.

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Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Education Advocate and Founder of Malala Fund

She woke up 10 days later at a hospital in Birmingham, with no memory of the attack. Upon recovery, she continued studying in the UK and established the Malala Fund, a charity dedicated to giving every girl an opportunity to achieve a future she chooses.

She became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2014 and graduated from the University of Oxford in 2020. 

Nadya Okamoto

Nadya Okamoto is a 23-year-old Harvard graduate. At age 16, she founded PERIOD, an organisation fighting to end period poverty.

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Nadya Okamoto, Founder of PERIOD and Author

She also ran for public office in Cambridge, MA —the youngest Asian American to run at that time, at 19 years old.

Her debut book, Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement was published in 2018. In 2020, she co-founded August, a lifestyle brand working to reimagine periods.

To date, Nadya has appeared on the lists of Forbes 30 under 30, Bloomberg 50 “Ones to Watch” and People Magazine’s Women Changing the World.

Anita Chhiba

Born in New Zealand and based in London, Anita Chhiba saw the lack of South Asian representation in Western media. 

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Anita Chhiba, Founder of Diet Paratha

This prompted her to start Diet Paratha, inspired by Diet Prada. But instead of cancelling people, she made it all about celebrating people. How beautiful is that?

Initially starting as a repost page for vintage Bollywood posters, Diet Paratha evolved into a platform that gives South Asian creatives the visibility they deserve. It now has over 27k Instagram followers. 

Anita has since been featured in British Vogue and named one of Dazed magazine’s Dazed 100.

Evie Meg 

21-year-old Evie Meg has 13M followers on TikTok, where she posts about living with Tourette syndrome, raising awareness and fighting the stigma.

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Evie Meg, Tourette Syndrome Advocate and Author

Her life has been drastically affected by her disability. She had to forgo a promising future in gymnastics as well as her dreams of becoming a teaching assistant.

Now she is moving beyond social media with a book called My Nonidentical Twin: One ordinary girl. One life-changing condition. How Tourette’s changes your world, which details her experiences, learnings and motivations to keep on going.

Spectrum Sisters

Sisters Hannah and Sophie Pycroft founded Spectrum Collections in 2014 from their garage in South Wales.

Prior to establishing Spectrum Collections, Hannah and Sophie were both freelance digital content creators in their mid-20s. 

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Hannah and Sophie Pycroft, Founders of Spectrum Collections

When they started the business, Sophie took all product photos and Hannah built the website, whilst they manually shipped orders.

Their big break came when they launched their Little Mermaid-inspired product, Glam Clam. Spectrum is now globally-renowned brand specialising in cruelty-free makeup and makeup tools.

Inspiring, right? Watch out for these young female changemakers and check them out on social media for their latest updates.