Fun Staycations in the British Isles

Blog | 28th Sep 2021 | 9min read

Sometimes, we all need to get away for a change of scene. But we rarely have the time, or the means, to travel all over the world.

But holidays are meant to be relaxing, and if you’re worried about how you’re going to pay for your holiday, that is going to take away from the quality of your experience. So why not try travelling a little closer to home?

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Why not check out these 10 places in the British Isles that you could visit for a weekend getaway?


Of course, the capital of England and the United Kingdom would make this list, with more attractions and sites than you could fit into one lifetime. Some notable activities are:

  • Nightclubs, bars and restaurants. London is teeming with exciting nightlife,so be sure to visit Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street for starters.
  • Tourism. Of course, Buckingham Palace springs to mind when thinking abouttourist attractions, but the London Aquarium, the London Eye, and the LondonDungeons all offer a blend of historical information and excitement.


Although one of the smaller cities in England, Bath has a certain charm that attracts over 340,000 tourists annually. Some of its top attractions are:

  • The Roman BathsKnown as aquae Sulis in Ancient Rome, the Roman Baths are Bath’s main attraction, and the reason for its name. These are some of the most preserved Roman ruins in the world, and they’re just off the M4.
  • No. 1 Royal CrescentThis famous museum allows you to peer back through time to the Georgian era. The building itself has been restored to several times to give its visitors a totally immersive experience.

Stonehenge and Salisbury

In the heart of the stunning county of Wiltshire, there are some truly fascinating juxtapositions of ancient historical sites and overwhelming excitement: 

  • StonehengeOne of the most fascinating mysteries in the UK dating back to the Bronze Age is Stonehenge. The truly fascinating aspect is how these ancient peoples were able to move these 25-ton rocks and form a ritual location. It is also one of the most famous historical monuments on the Island.
  • Salisbury Cathedral. One of the most impressive ancient feats of architecture is Salisbury Cathedral, with construction taking a century from 1220-1320. This magnificent building is a tremendous addition to the Wiltshire skyline, and is most certainly worth a visit.
  • Glastonbury Festival. For those of us who aren’t quite history buffs just yet, Glastonbury festival is just under an hour away on the train and is one of the main attractions of any given British Summer, with over 200,000 people attending every year.


For those of us who wish to experience a totally different culture, Ireland is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with luscious green fields and sky-scraping mountains. What’s more, there are very easy ferries from both Liverpool and Holyport, making it exceptionally accessible to UK residents. Some of the top attractions that Ireland has to offer are: 

  • Pubs. Although pubs are no new thing to the UK, Dublin pubs are certainly unique, often bustling with life music, and the atmosphere is always a sight to behold. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin attracts about 750,000 people annually, so be sure to revel in what is always a memorable experience.
  • Hiking. Ireland has some of the best hiking trails in the world, particularly in Wicklow County and Cork. There are few better activities to soak in the fresh air and drink in the luscious landscape.
  • Glendalough.  Although Ireland is rife with rich history, the monastic site of Glendalough is as ancient as it is mysterious, dating back to the 6th century. The preservation of this site is truly remarkable and is a must see for all history enthusiasts.


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Devon boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of the UK, and many British people religiously travel there every summer. But is offers far more excitement than you may think. 

  • CoasteeringA high-octane hydro hike, coasteering involves a mixture of swimming, rock climbing, and diving, offering a very fun adventure for all thrill-seekers.
  • Surfing. Devon has several world class surfing spots, namely Croyde Bay and Saunton Sands. Whether you are a seasoned surfer, or simply looking to pick up a new hobby, this is a great, accessible place to travel.
  • Pennywell Farm. This attraction is the home of the nationally famous Pennywell pigs, which you can watch in races, or, for a more hands-on experience, you can even do Pilates with them if you need additional company.


Located just 47 miles south of London, Brighton is one of the most famous, and historical seaside resorts in the UK. A young and vibrant place, Brighton offers a variety of great attractions: 

  • Brighton PromenadeClosely resembling  the Jersey boardwalks across the pond, the Brighton Promenade illuminates the coastlines with its dazzling lights and bustling arcades lining the seaside. The promenade is as beautiful as it is exciting, and it offers a variety of activities for all ages.
  • Brighton Pride Parade. Perhaps one of the more exciting attractions to Brighton is the annual Brighton Pride Parade, which attracts 500,000 attendees annually. Dating back to 1972, it has led the charge for equal rights for the gay, lesbian and transgender communities, so it is both socially and historically significant.
  • Brighton and Hove Albion. For lovers of football, Brighton and Hove Albion are one of the most successful teams in the region and watching them play is always exciting for sports lovers. Dipping in and out of the premier league, Brighton and Hove play a high level of football to be enjoyed by any spectators.

The Cotswolds

Although perhaps best known for its relaxing holiday retreats, the Cotswolds offer far more than just hiking and cycling trails: 

  • Daylesford Organic Farm and Bamford Hayban SpaThis farm is known far and wide as being one of the best yoga retreats in the British Isles. There are few better ways to destress than to soak up the Gloucestershire sun and to release tension with a qualified yoga instructor. The food offered there is completely organic, so it offers a great opportunity to detox, too.
  • Three Choirs Vineyards. For those of us who perhaps aren’t as keen on detoxing, the Three Choirs Vineyards produce some of the best wines in the UK and offer a variety of different tasting packages.
  • Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling. This tradition in Cooper’s Hill, Gloucester is as bizarre as it is ancient. The tradition consists of chasing a 4-kilogram round of cheese down a 200-meter hill, and there are several die-hard competitors. It is just as fun to watch as it is to take part in, and it certainly offers a good story.

The Lake District

Home to one of the largest mountain ranges in the UK, the Lake District offers breath-taking scenery and fresh mountain air. There are several must-see spots: 

  • Scaffell PikeThe tallest mountain in England, Scafell Pike is on the bucket list of any keen hiker. What’s more, it’s a relatively straightforward hike, so it offers a great sense of achievement without too many complications.
  • Lake Windemere. The largest natural lake in England, Lake Windemere is cradled by the surrounding mountains, boasting scenery as unique as it is beautiful. There are a number of location which enable you to hire boats or kayaks to more fully experience the majesty of the lake.


Wales has an eclectic mix of natural beauty, vibrant cities, and fun adventures. Some that spring to mind are:

  • Bog Snorkelling. Set in Llandwrtyd Wells, bog snorkelling consists of racing 60 meters through a swamp in a competitive race. This off-piste experience is riddled with fun, and is a great combination of fitness and travel.
  • Snowdonia and Brecon Beacons. These two mountain ranges are distinguished hiking spots, with many mountainside hotels and lodges to be enjoyed by travellers. Sugarloaf and Snowdon are two flagship mountains that are brilliant for exploration and adventure.
  • Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms. For those of us who love fine dining, Ynyshir, Powys boasts a Michelin starred restaurant and beautiful, quaint rooms for an overnight stay.
  • Cardiff. The capital of Wales, Cardiff is as exciting and adventurous as any city in the UK, with the Millenium Stadium hosting a variety of different events ranging from boxing, musical concerts, and rugby matches. Cardiff offers beautiful views of the Bristol Channel for anyone who loves views of the water.


Last, but not least, Scotland is very accessible by train, and has attractions for all ages. To name but a few: 

  • Microlight Aircraft AdventureObserve the Scottish landscape in an unprecedented way by taking a tour in an open-air microlight aircraft. There are few better or exciting ways to go sightseeing that from soaring through the sky with the wind on your face.
  • Vintage Sailing Tour. For a historical and unique experience, you needn’t look any further than a vintage sailing tour, which takes you around the Isle of Skye, offering stunning views of the Scottish horizon.

It’s a well-known fact that travel broadens the mind, and that there is no growth within your comfort zone.

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