Father’s Day Experience Guide

Trend Guides | 9th Jun 2022 | 5min read

Check out our Father’s Day Experience Guide and treat our dad’s to something meaningful and unique.

Whether he needs something stimulating like a workshop, or a staycation for some time to relax, we’ve collated a list of experiences for you to choose from.

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Here’s a sneak peek of some cool Father’s Day experiences we found:

Uncommon Experiences – Bond with your dad by doing something interesting and out of the ordinary, like DIY Hot Sauce Class, Raindrop Cake Making, Coffee Tasting and more!

Airbnb Experiences– With everything from dinner and drinks to skydiving, Airbnb has got a wild variety of activities to choose from!

Ticketmaster Gift Card– Take your dad to his favorite band’s concert, or go see a play with him. There’s a long list of events available, so check them out!

­—Cameo – A personalised Father’s Day greeting from a celebrity makes for a stellar present, don’t you think?

Jasper Hill Farm Cheese Tasting Box– Say cheese! It sounds a bit strange, but there’s nothing like this stunning selection of curated cheeses from the Jasper Hill farm in Greensboro, Vermont.

Now, let’s go through these experiences one by one!

Airbnb Experiences

You already know that Airbnb offers awesome staycation options. Pro tip: the activities they offer are equally awesome.

Once you book an Airbnb stay, you’ll be able to see available activities nearby. Just listen to some of these options: a segue city tour in Copenhagen, a pasta making workshop in Naples, a coffee crawl in Paris, or even parasailing in Miami.

The possibilities are endless. And when you Zilch it, you can pay your way. Pay in 4 with no fees or pay in 1 for 2% back!

Uncommon Experiences

Not looking to travel right now? Surprise your dad with all sorts of virtual classes that he can take part in from the comfort of his own home.

Featuring one-of-a-kind activities like making hot sauce from scratch, gardening techniques like Kokedama, learning how to paint portraits and more! There’s always something that will cater to your dad’s interests.

Best of all, you can join these classes with your dad for a memorable experience you can share 💚 While you’re at it, why not Zilch it to pay in 4 or pay in 1? Yay!

Ticketmaster Gift Card

Give your dad the gift of good memories and good times in the form of a Ticketmaster Gift Card. Whether you dad loves music, sports, or Broadway musicals, there are different events to choose from!

Tickets to go see Bad Bunny or the Marlins or Come From Away; truly, you can find anything you need.

And, in treating your dad, tag along and treat yourself! As they say, the more the merrier! Make the most of the experience by paying with Zilch so you can choose the way you pay.

Why not Zilch it today?


Wanna go one step further from the tickets? How does a personalized greeting from your dad’s favorite musician, movie or sports star sound?

Or better yet, a meet and greet? Cameo makes this possible. In addition, most celebs on Cameo are affiliated with charities, so a portion of your payment will go to a good cause too!

And for sure, it will put a smile on your dad’s face– which of course, is priceless.

Jasper Hill Farm Cheese Tasting Box

Looking for a more specific and curated experience? You can never go wrong with cheese. More so if it comes straight from the Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont, where—get this—there’s a 22,000-square-foot, seven-vaulted cellar for aging cheddars and blues.

Each cheese is made with top-notch milk from a single herd of cows, too (either Jasper Hill’s or one at a nearby creamery). This goodness has earned dozens of awards over the years, but, well, you probably figured that out.

And that rounds up our Father’s Day Experience Guide, featuring some of the most exciting experiences around.

Want to browse for more gift options? You could head over to zilch.com and search for your favorite brands and pick your way to pay anywhere!

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there from us, here at Zilch! 💚