Zilch at all your favorite brands.

Shop anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Buy now and pay later over 6 weeks. Or pay it all now and get 2% cash back instantly.

Where Mastercard is,
Zilch is.

You can pay later in 4 installments. Or pay now at once. Anywhere online.

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What are Zilch Rewards?

Rewards are Zilch’s way of rewarding you, helping you save on your next
One Reward equals one cent. So for example, 234 rewards is $2.34.
You can use your Rewards whenever you want, simply select the Zilch
Rewards tab before you enable your card. We’ll then put your Rewards
towards your next purchase. Simple.
You can earn Zilch Rewards when you refer a friend and they make their
first purchase. You can also get 2% cash back in Zilch Rewards whenever
you pay in 1.
Also, remember that Zilch Rewards are non-refundable and any purchases
made through rewards cannot be sent back, so spend wisely!

How do I finish signing up to Zilch?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A valid US debit card
  • A US mobile phone number
  • An email address

Also prep these docs:

  • Government issued photo ID
  • Proof of address (needs to be dated within the last 3 months)

P.S. Your proof of address doesn’t need to match your debit card’s billing
address. For example, if you’re at Uni and your debit card is registered at
your non-term time address, no worries —we’ll still accept it!
Lastly, just snap a selfie holding up your photo ID then upload.

What type of cards can be linked to my Zilch Virtual Mastercard?

You can link any US-issued debit card to your Zilch Virtual Mastercard as
long as the account is in your name.
We’re all about responsible spending and we have this measure in place
to ensure that you are the only one using your account.
You cannot link the following card types with your Zilch Virtual
Debit cards from outside the US
Corporate cards
Credit cards
Prepaid credit cards
Gift cards
Proxy cards