Self-Care Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Trend Guides | 4th May 2022 | 5min read

Thinking of what to get your mom? Got any ideas on how to make her feel extra special today? Want to do something unique to celebrate?

We’ve got you. Show your love and appreciation to your mum by giving the gift of wellness this Moher’s Day.

We’ve found some thoughtful gifts and meaningful presents just for you.

Before we reveal them to you, we wanted to give you a tip that could help you when you shop for Mother’s Day presents. Ready to hear it?

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Now, let’s go to the exciting part. Here’s a sneak peek of the self-care gift ideas we’ve found for Mother’s Day:

Himalayan Salt Lamp from Walmart: Himalayan salt rocks in the lamp have mood-boosting benefits. It’s also a humidifier with an aromatherapy tray, so your mom can enjoy a spa atmosphere at home.

Heated Foot Spa from Wayfair: Besides being heated, this wonder device also has different foot massage options so your mom can sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.

Gift Basket from Etsy: This basket contains the perfect combination of wellness treats for your mom: two types of raw honey, handmade soap, lotion bar and two organic lip balms. How lush!

Harney & Sons Mother’s Day Tea: Make your mom’s day with this calming floral tea that celebrates moms all over the world.

Facial Oil and Gua Sha Gift Box from Macy’s: Using a Gua Sha after applying facial oil at night will not only be a luxurious experience for your mom but also a great way to reduce wrinkles.

Himalayan Salt Lamp from Walmart

The therapeutic combination of the Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp and Ultrasonic Humidifier with Aromatherapy Tray is designed to create a calming and soothing atmosphere while providing all of the benefits of a traditional humidifier.

The Himalayan salt rock lamp creates many mood lifting benefits displaying a soft, ambient light shining through unique naturally-crafted Himalayan crystals.

The ultrasonic humidifier provides dry relief by dispersing moisture into the air, and the aromatherapy tray releases the fragrance of essential oils.

Not only will this Himalayan Salt Lamp help your mom relax more. It will also improve the quality of her sleep.

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Heated Foot Spa from Wayfair

Your mom can sit back, relax and have the an epic foot massage at the comfort of her own home through this Heated Foot Spa.

It features heating, bubble massage, vibration, rollers, and red light functions. And don’t even get us started on the benefits.

It effectively promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue, and smoothens the meridians. Just what your mom needs, we’re guessing?

So why not choose the way you pay and Zilch it today?

Gift Basket from Etsy

Sweetness and everything nice? This basket has got it all! All products are produced in a bee farm nestled in Myakka, Florida.

Your mom will absolutely love these products:

2 16oz honey jars (one of these will be the farm’s delicious nut honey)
1 bar of handmade soap
1 bar of handmade beeswax lotion bar
2 beeswax lip balms (Honey, Vanilla Bean or Peppermint flavors)

You can also request for gift wrapping and add a note for a personal touch.

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Harney & Sons Mother’s Day Tea from Amazon

Infused with calming florals like rose petals, cornflower and chamomile, plus the refreshing citrus goodness of orange peel, it’s harmony in a cup.

This aromatic bouquet honors all mothers and their valued efforts for their families.

Coming in 30 sachets in a collectible tin, it could be your mom’s mid-afternoon tea staple while enjoying her favorite cakes and pastries.

Make her feel extra special by gifting this and why not Zilch it to pay the way you want?

Facial Oil and Gua Sha Gift Box from Macy’s

The ultimate skincare duo, this gift box from Miss Patisserie includes mineral-rich Goji facial oil and an engraved Gua Sha that helps the rich oil penetrate the skin.

As we mentioned earlier, Gua Sha is a Chinese anti-ageing technique. When you massage your face with some oil and slide the Gua Sha in upward motions, it promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, effectively getting rid of any puffiness in the area.

That’s why Gua Sha enthusiasts rave not only about seeing the appearance of wrinkles improve in time, but also about the fact that it has a facial contouring effect.

No need for Botox then, just Gua Sha and Zilch it, perhaps?

And this wraps up our list of self-care gift ideas for Mother’s Day. We hope you enjoyed reading and now have an idea of what to get your mom.

If not, you could head over to to browse top brands and choose the way you pay when you checkout. Who knows, you might find a hidden gem there? Happy shopping!