You can now choose your default digital wallet payment method with Zilch

| 10th Aug 2022 | 1min read

With just a slide of the new toggle, you can switch your default digital wallet payment option between Pay in 1 (Debit) or Pay in 4 (Credit) without visiting your Zilch app each time. To get you started, we set this to Pay in 1 so that you can get 2% in Zilch Rewards every time you spend. Change this to Pay in 4 any time in Settings.

When you Pay in 4 using your digital wallet there will now be a £2.50 fee for each transaction. Also, the minimum spend for Pay in 4 transactions will now be £10 for all – so anything under £10 will default to Pay in 1 and earn Zilch Rewards.

Remember, you can come to the Zilch app or website before you shop and Pay in 4 at thousands of stores for free.

There are Zero changes to your personalised limit.  Zero changes to the many thousands of eligible stores we add to daily – where you can split your payments for free online – and Zero changes to the amazing Rewards you can earn when you Pay in 1!

Find out more in the video below.