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Use Zilch to buy now and pay later over 6 weeks with no interest. Or Pay in 1 and get up to 2% in Rewards.

APR 18.1%

4.6 / 5.0

How it works.

Pay in 4.

Checkout with Zilch for free at 1000s of stores online, including Amazon and eBay.

You can pay in 4 anywhere else, in-store or online for a small fee, including when you pay with Apple, Samsung or Google Pay.*

Pay in 1 for rewards.

Pay in full and get up to 2% back in Zilch Rewards instantly.

New customers will earn 2% back when using the Zilch app to Pay in 1 at eligible retailers online. All other Pay in 1 purchases will earn 0.5% back.

*APR 18.1%.

Spend responsibly, spending more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status. Credit subject to status, 18+, UK residents only. Representative APR 18.1% (fixed) based on total spend: £240 (+£2.50 fees). Total repayable: £242.50 paid over 6 weeks, 1st payment £62.50, then 3 payments of £60.00 every 2 weeks. T&Cs apply

Earn and spend rewards instantly.

Unlike others, our rewards are instant and you can use them anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Put them towards your next purchase or save them up for something special.

a purchase:

Zilch at 1000s of popular stores online for free, including Amazon and eBay.
A single purchase (£2,000 max)

Key features
tailored to you.

Boost your basket.

Anything over your available spend will be added to your first payment at checkout. Pay the rest over 6 weeks.

Zilch and get rewarded.

Get Zilch Rewards when you pay in full or refer your friends! Put them towards your next buy, or save for that special something.

Need more time to make that payment?

Tap Snooze and you’ll get 4 extra days to pay.*

*Snooze usage may incur a small one off fee and may not be accessible to all users.

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2 million customers.


4.6 / 5.0

“Nice and easy. You are always in control. Should have been about years ago.” Cheryl Chamberlain


“This app is amazing. I love it!” James Bird


“This is a great way to do your shopping. Easy to set up. So happy.” Kimberly Chapman


Got more questions?

How does my available spend work?

We’re all about responsible spending, why is why you have a balance limit. This measure is in place so you won’t overspend.

Your available spending limit will be restored each time you pay off a purchase in full (not when you make single payments). For example, if you purchased something for £40, your available spending limit will be restored once you pay back the full £40 in 4 instalments.

How to contact Zilch?

Trying to contact us? Here's how you can!

Please visit our Help Centre here.

If you can’t find the answers there, don’t worry. We’re on live chat ready to answer your questions from 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Once logged into your app, click on the options menu in the top right-hand corner and select 'Help'.

What happens to my payments when I refund an order?

We all buy things but change our minds. And the great thing is that with Zilch getting a refund is hassle free.

Refund your order as you normally would online or in-store. As soon as we receive your refund from the store, we will check whether you have an outstanding balance on your purchase.

Full Refunds:

If you’ve returned your entire order and the full order has been refunded, all future payments will be cancelled and any payments made will be refunded.

Partial Refunds:

If you’ve returned some items in your order and received a refund, we’ll apply this to your instalments to reduce future payments. If your partial refund is larger than the balance you have left to pay, then we’ll refund you the difference. Generally, refunds are applied starting with your final payment, working backwards to earlier payments.